About AlaskaCrewFinder:

AlaskaCrewFinder is an easy to use recruiting solution to help employers recruit staff for their operations in Alaska. Job postings on AlaskaCrewFinder bring employers very serious and qualified job seekers who have a solid background knowledge about working in these industries and are actively looking for employment.

By charging a small fee ($3.95 for 5 days or $12.95 for 30 days) to the job seekers who use our resources, it provides employers only serious candidates who have already made a small investment into getting a job. Our job seekers are also actively seeking this type of employment.

Job seekers sign up through our website www.AlaskaJobFinder.com and are able to view the jobs that employers post through this AlaskaCrewFinder website.

AlaskaCrewFinder and AlaskaJobFinder are both owned and operated by M&L Research, Inc. M&L Research has been a leader in employment research since 1985.

We can be reached at:

M&L Research, Inc.
Attn: AlaskaCrewFinder
4701 SW Admiral Way, Suite 4
Seattle, WA 98116

Phone: (877) 321-8766 ext. 85
Fax: (877) 210-1133