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AlaskaJobFinder, a division of M&L Research, Inc., was developed to help make your job search as effective and efficient as it can be. For over seventeen years M&L Research has been the leading employment research organization specializing in the Alaska fishing industry and travel and hospitality jobs in Alaska. The company has helped thousands of individuals find great jobs in Alaska. Our research reports have been widely referred to as the undisputed "Bible" for finding employment in since 1985. Click this link, to find out more information about getting an Alaska Job.

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Alaska fishing jobs and travel and tourism jobs are fairly plentiful, but to land a job, it takes a lot more than just getting a list of addresses and phone numbers. It takes having in-depth industry knowledge and a proven strategy. You need to understand the complexities of the industry industry you want to work in and have a detailed and proven job strategy. One of the worst things a person can do is to call Alaska fishing, cruise line and travel companies and waste their time asking a bunch of basic questions. You need to respect their time. As with any job, you need to spend a little time educating yourself about the industry. This will set you apart from most of the others looking for a job in the Alaska fishing industry, cruise line industry and other travel and hospitality industries.

We will provide you with the necessary Alaska employment knowledge, a game plan on how to get the job that's right for you, and proven strategies on how to maximize your earnings. Plus a lot more!

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Whether you are looking for a great summer job or employment in the fall, winter or spring, AlaskaJobFinder can help you find the Alaska job that is best suited for you.

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